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We are experts in diversity and inclusion​ training, assessment, and consultation. We provide a variety of customized, accredited and certified training options. See how our programs can help you and your team.

Build the foundation for diversity and inclusion

Disrupting the industry standard for diversity and inclusion training, we start with your strengths and where you are. We address how curiosity and innovation feeds diversity and how fear of what we don’t know limits inclusion in your organization.

Lead Resilient Teams During Times of Change

The importance of maintaining workplace connection during change or transition cannot be overstated. It is natural to break connection and simply survive in the moment. Let us guide you to Brave Connection and thrive.

Improve employee wellness and engagement

Learn diversity and inclusion strategies that improve employee wellness, psychological safety in the workplace, employee retention and engagement. 

Enhance customer experience

We cannot possibly know every inclusive protocol, behaviour or action. However, we can develop the skills to evaluate and transform our response. Learn to use your organization’s unique assets as a key to loyal and long-term customers and clients.

Our Strategy

We create energy and passion for change using evidence based processes through our play methodology.

Why Play?

Play is when we are most open to taking risks. When we feel our most capable and confident. In these moments, we are in a state of self-discovery and expression. We are learning, reaching, and attaining new experiences, skills, and abilities. Being immersed in creative change is necessary in order to understand diversity and inclusion.

Our Leadership

Our founders have exceptional experience and expertise in adult and child education, diversity and inclusion, elite performance coaching, technology, project management, and business strategy. Both Brandi and Ozzie utilize play principles as the foundational approach in all business areas. 


Brandi Heather

B.Ed, MA
Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)


Ozzie Sawicki

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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